OSP PVC Flyers

Grab attention while reducing costs!

OSP PVC Flyers

Oregon Sign Placement prints your flyers on a 12" x 15" x 1/8" piece of PVC board, they are weather resistant, durable and eliminate the need for a traditional paper flyer box. They mount to the post in the same manner as a flyer box, which allows the client to simply take a picture of the information with their phones!.

PVC flyers are mounted to the "For Sale" signage post. The PVC flyer points out important highlights about the home and includes resources, such as web links and contact information. PCV flyers are aesthetically pleasing, crisp and weather resistant. They are easily photographed using a smartphone which allows the buyer to have a digital copy of the home's details.

Reduce your costs

PVC Flyers can reduce your cost by eliminating printed paper copies and eliminate the possibility of conventional paper flyers being blown away or damaged by weather! This is a great way to reduce paper waste and help our environment.

Get Noticed!

PVC Flyers provide a unique sales presentation and are far more professional in appearance than paper flyers. First impressions are important, so use Oregon Sign Placement's PVC flyers to stand out from your competitors!

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