OSP Perma Flyers

Grab attention while reducing costs!

OSP Perma Flyers

WHAT IS A PERMA FLYER? We print your flyers on a 12" x 15" x 1/8" piece of PVC, they are weather resistant* and take the place of a traditional flyer box. They mount exacly the same. The intention is to have 1 flyer that interested parties can take a picture of.

Hardboard "perma-flyers" are mounted to the "For Sale" signage post. The perma-flyer highlights the important points and provides a resource to find out more. Hardboard flyers are clean and don't risk being emptied. They are easily photographed using one's smartphone if buyers should wish to record the information.

Reduce your costs

Perma Flyers can reduce your cost by reducing printing replication and eliminate the possibility of paper flyers being blown away or damaged by rain! This is an Eco-friendly way to reduce paper waste and help our environment.

Get Noticed!

Perma Flyers provide a unique sales presentation and are far more professional in appearance than paper flyers. First impressions are important, so use perma flyers to stand out from your competitors!

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